What we do

Since 1993, we have provided consulting, professional services, recruiting and staffing solutions, primarily in the areas of information technology, accounting and finance, to our clients throughout the United States and Europe. Our integrated offerings target the inter-related needs of our clients’ mission critical information technology and financial areas. As our name brand implies, we provide only two degrees of separation between the leaders of the world’s most successful companies and the best, brightest and most passionate professionals.

Headquartered in Seattle, we operate offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Portland and Seattle. In addition to providing services to our clients in these six cities, our team members commonly travel to clients throughout the major metropolitan areas of the United States and Europe.

Service Offerings
We operate business lines in the following two distinct industry categories:
• Consulting & Professional Services
• Recruiting & Staffing Solutions

Consulting & Professional Services
Our Consulting & Professional Services businesses are based upon a “Client First/Collaborative Consulting” approach. We help our clients achieve business objectives, complete critical projects, increase shareholder value, mitigate risks and ensure that operations and systems run accurately and efficiently via the following services:
• Two Degrees® Management Consulting
• Two Degrees® Technology Solutions
• Two Degrees® Accounting & Finance Solutions
• Two Degrees® Resources

Recruiting & Staffing Solutions
Our Recruiting & Staffing Solutions businesses provide clients access to the best, brightest and most passionate professionals to hire directly or to engage for interim positions via the following services:
• Two Degrees® Recruiting
• Two Degrees® Contract
• Accounting Quest®
• Xversity™

Contact Info
For information regarding the CFO Portal or Two Degrees, please contact:

Melissa Parker
Practice Development Manager
Two Degrees
821 Second Avenue, Suite 1900
Seattle, WA 98104
206.374.4217 direct