TWO DEGREES, LLC. ("Two Degrees")
  1. Location is the company's corporate office location rather than state of incorporation.
  2. In cases where a company has independently stated their predecessor and successor company financials, we have combined them for the fiscal year.
  3. Certain companies outsource their employees. This may inflate revenue per employee figures.
  4. Industry is determined by Two Degrees methods using NAICS codes to develop industry categories.
  5. Market Capitalization was calculated as of July 5, 2005.
  6. We have annualized the salary of CEOs and CFOs who started during the fiscal year. Bonus and Other Income are stated as is. For companies who have multiple CEOs or multiple CFOs, we have chosen the highest paid CEO or CFO. "Other Income" may consist of company contributions to retirement plans, profit sharing plans, and premiums on insurance policies.
  7. In cases where a company had two auditors in the same fiscal year, we combined the total fees paid to both auditors. Audit Fees, Audit Related Fees, Tax Fees and Other Fees relate only to services rendered by the company's independent auditor.
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